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Updated: Oct 28, 2020 14:00

Visiting for a couple of days only. I will then be available in Central London UK I believe it is all about connectedness. I feel is so important between two people, and I would certainly like to establish a real connection with you… I feel our date should be the one to remember. As the chemistry inside of us develops, it evolves from emotional boundaries to physical boundaries… Stripping away the layers. Two naked souls. I’d like to think as the evening progresses, we are two lovers that have found each other…  That our meeting is not accidental, that among all possible paths we could follow, we are here together at this time and place.   Both of us yearn for a moment of affection. In these moments we create an attachment and a compelling gravity between the two of us. Disengaging from the stories of the past or future. Being in the momentum. Creating our own momentum. Dissolving. In time, in each other. Just following the flow. A little parenthesis in eternity. Serena x

bookmark Website: http://www.serenavincente.com
My details:
Languages:English, German, Italian
Hair:long brown
Eyes:dark green
Measurements:Natural D Cup


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